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Boo the Cat

Boo's Bio

Boo the Cat Boo the cat is a cat named Boo. I'm not so sure how I got him, he was just kind of there one day as a kitten. For quite some time, he was not known as a friendly cat. It was a commonly held belief around the community that he was a demon cat. But I think the evil has been excercised from him, as he is now more similar to a normal, cuddly cat. Nobody understands what caused this change, I personally believe it was one particularly cold winter that caused the demon(s) inside of him to flee for warmth. I sincerely hope they do not return.

Here are some flattering pictures of the extremely photogenic Boo:
Boo the Cat Boo the Cat Boo the Cat

Boo dropped his pick in the guitar.
Hover over the image to see him try to get it out.