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Tsugaru-ben Dictionary

For now this page will consist of a small sample of Tsugaru-ben words. But the goal is to eventually implement a searchable database. This is already in the works, its just not integrated into the website yet.

If you can understand Japanese, you can find a good list of Tsugaru-ben words here:

In the future, I hope to be able to provide more detailed information on parts of speech and morphology so you can better understand how the words are functioning and possible inflections.


Tsugaru-ben Standard Japanese English

I, me
おめ あなた you
私達 We, us (combination of わ + はんど (たち)
めへ Shop
Evening (usually pronounced with n)
おぼこ 赤ちゃん
わらはど(わらなど) 子どもたち Children
わらし 子ども Child
じゃま 高度
Neck (アイヌ語)
だんぶり トンボ
きみ 玉蜀黍 Corn


Tsugaru-ben Standard Japanese English
はっける (一段) 走る to run
あさぐ 歩く to walk
けっぱる がんばる to do one's best


Tsugaru-ben Standard Japanese English
あずましい ゆったりして Comfortable
さんび 寒い Cold
まいねぇ 駄目 No good


Tsugaru-ben Notes
Postposition (similar to に in Std Jpn)
Topic Particle, barely pronounced after a noun (same as は in Std Jpn)


Adjective or verb -te form will often change from "kute" to "fute" or "shite". For example, 寒くて (samukute) would be さんびして (sambishite). まめしい (mameshii), a Tsugaru-ben word meaning diligint would be mameshishite in its -te form.(

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